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SSL certificates
Our advantages
Our advantages
High speed
MustanHost will provide your websites with speed three times faster than other hosting providers as we use the latest NVMe SSD technology.
24/7 Support
Our technical support specialists are always ready to provide you with any help and advice on hosting services.
Everyone can use it
Our dashboard is intuitive and easy to use: business mail, ssl certificate, backup and more.
All available payment methods
Buying a hosting service and domain has never been so easy. You can buy hosting using a card, cashless payment, PayPal and WebMoney.
Affordable price
Our hosting prices are available for any business. The abundance of tariffs will allow you to choose the best one for your project.
Equipment locations worldwide
Our data centers are located in Australia, Germany, Turkey, the Netherlands, the USA, China, Brazil, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and many others. It certified according to the TIER-III international standard and meet all the highest international standards.
Our data centers
Our servers are located in 20 countries, including Germany, Turkey, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia, China, Brazil, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania. and many others.
Free services
We don't charge money for:
SSL certificate
An SSL certificate will protect your website's visitors. Fraudsters will not be able to steal their credit card numbers, usernames and passwords.
Trial period
Choose any tariff and evaluate the performance of your website on our hosting within 7 days.
Website transfer
Our specialists will ensure a comfortable transfer of your site to our servers in the shortest possible time.
No need to pay twice!
If you have already purchased hosting from another provider, we will provide you with placement for the same period for free.
Website builder
A simple and intuitive interface allows you to create a website of any complexity without programming skills.
Backup copying
You can be calm, daily backup will ensure the safety of your sites.
Any questions?
Whether you need help or just want some tips on where to start: contact our specialists anytime.
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Mustanhost is a cloud and hosting provider that serves over 60% of all Australian sites. From simple domain registration to building the most complex cloud infrastructure and its administration – all this is the element of Mustanhost.

Cloud provider

We were one of the first to launch a cloud hosting service in Australia. Now we are building individual solutions in our clouds for the needs of the client. Need a powerful failover cluster? Or just organize the comfortable work of employees by moving office programs to the cloud? We will solve any of your problems if it has a prefix “online”.

Technical domain administrator .online

We are not just registering more Australian domains than anyone else. Since 2012, Mustanhost has been the technical administrator of the national domain zones. This means that we are the one who ensures that .online works and develops stably.

Accredited Registrar of International Domains

Only in Mustanhost you buy international domains directly, without intermediaries in the face of other organizations. We are the only ICANN accredited registrar in Australia.

Provider with 100,000 clients

We never wrote a high mission and creed of the company. We just make your projects work. And doing it well.

Седат Игдеджи, Sedat Igdeci, Cedat Igdeci, Bekir Igdeci, Lidiya Igdeci, Elizaveta Igdeci