We provide server capacities on preferential terms to non-profit projects, as well as Internet resources that are important for public life.

Who can claim help?

Charity organisations

Various foundations and societies specializing in helping other people and environmental activities, resources specializing in raising funds for the provision of medical treatment for seriously ill people, as well as other projects important to society, can receive benefits when hosting a website.

Cultural organizations

We are ready to provide our assistance to the organizers of Internet resources specializing in the development and maintenance of national culture.

Educational projects

Our hosting actively supports all kinds of communities, as well as educational projects operating in the field of information technology.

Benefits of working with us

Working with our hosting has a lot of advantages for your site. Thanks to mustanhost.online you can transform your business from a small business into a large enterprise. Our main advantages are as follows:

High speed data transfer. According to this parameter, our hosting is 3 times ahead of competitors’ resources thanks to the innovative NVMe SSD technology;
Round-the-clock technical support work, in which professional specialists work, ready to help with any question that arose;
User-friendly interface, intuitive even for a novice user;
Ease of payment is provided by the ability to purchase services using any method that suits you;
Low prices. The cost of our services is available even for a start-up business, and the ability to configure parameters will allow you to use only the necessary services;
Mustanhost.online equipment is located on the territory of the Australia and is certified according to the international standard TIER-III.
Want to take advantage of preferential terms?

Contact us and we will consider your application for further sponsorship.

Email: info@mustanhost.com